Photoshop for the iPhone

Yesterday while walking down Washington avenue in downtown Boston, I stopped to take a skyline photo that I found intriguing. All while trying not to be run over by cars, bikers and passing pedestrians, which is no small task in this city! After running the image trough the iPhone Photoshop app (which is free), I came up with three variations that I really enjoyed. This app is very user friendly, even for you folks who don’t consider yourself a photographer! Though these days I’m hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t fancy themselves a photographer. But I digress. Below you will find four variations of the same skyline of Boston, the first of which is the original photo, completely unfiltered. The last three are variations from the Photoshop app, which you can find here. Adobe Photoshop Express by Adobe
If you don’t have this app, then I highly recommend that you rectify that situation! Enjoy the images!